Thermal Imaging showing heat loss of a house before and after EWI has been installed.


Insulation is fixed to the outside of the walls and a rendered finish is applied to weatherproof the exterior. A wide range of finishes can be applied, in different colours and textures, to give your property the right look.

The use of External Wall Insulation will dramatically reduce heat loss through the walls and can revitalise the appearance of your home.

The benefits include:

. Thermal insulation keeps solid walls warm, condensation-free and protected from wind, rain and frost

. System is fitted to meet individual house requirements with a choice of finishes

. No loss of internal living space

. Work can be carried out alongside other trades such as window replacement and re-roofing

. As work is carried out to the outside walls, disruption to the household is minimised

. A weatherproof, attractive and generally maintenance-free new exterior is provided as part of the thermal cladding of the building