External Wall Insulation contains several different layers bonded together.

Similar to cavity wall insulation, External Wall Insulation (EWI) creates a barrier that prevents heat escaping through the walls of your home. Unlike the loft and cavity insulation you are probably already familiar with, EWI uses a rigid insulation material – e.g. expanded polystyrene slabs.

Expanded polystyrene is an excellent insulator as it contains thousands of trapped air pockets.

Expanded polystyrene is easy to work with as it can be cut to into shape, so it can fit neatly around windows, door frames and other architectural features.

The polystyrene slabs are held in place with fixing anchors which are secured to the existing walls, and subsequently covered with a layer of reinforcing mortar. Next these layers are covered with a glass fibre mesh, and once dry gives the insulation system its structural strength.

Finally, a primer layer and a decorative render go on, this finish makes the property as good as new. The insulation adds approximately 9cm to the thickness of your walls, so the shape of your house will not look much different.

The final layer is available in Standard Colours.

Weber Monocouche Colours - standard

and Special Colours.

Weber Monocouche Colours - Special